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First off do not hire cordell cordell of Cincinnati ! Second , after thousands of dollars 30,000 +++ what kind of lawyer would agree to an oral agreement over money ? A guy named "chad" from cincinnati would ! The final hearing after we stepped out of the courtroom, there was some money that was owed to me for "gal fees" that was not settled, well we talked to her lawyer and decided that she would owe me the money within a month.Huge mistake, I got dropped from cordell because he wanted more money , more retainer fees ... So I call ex and asked where the money was 30 days after and she said well show the paperwork and talk to your lawyer, have your lawyer contact mine btw you don't have one .. So yeah I got screwed , why would i pay a lawyer a couple grand to get a couple grand ... Get it? Yeah I can say as "Chris Farley " would say "I'm such an *** ".. Tommy boy ... Lol ! I can go on and on but will give you a few other examples, we were in court and there was a witness that showed up and we were totally off guard and we're not prepared at all, he was asking me what to ask the witness questions , maybe should of had a recess but I was blown away because it was my own mother and he totally screwed me over on that one , we could of discredited her but I was just numb and couldn't think strait, yeah that was ugly and still is. My mother was on OxyContin from a surgery for the previous month and my x had totally manipulated her against me.never have your family testify against family because it has destroyed my family.

One other thing that was bull was we had a meeting with x and lawyer at Cordell in Cincinnati building, I was in lobby waiting and her lawyer came in lobby ,Chad came out and they started talking about basketball , baseball ,totally bull... sports laughing it up yeah wtf ?. Who's side is he on? I'm totally blown away ! so I'm in a conference room waiting for 45 min and nothing is going on except I'm paying for this because the x and lawyer decided to meet there and discuss what they wanted rather than discuss before they got there. So it finally gets going , the x and lawyer are in room right next door which I can hear chad going in and out laughing . Yeah that day I should of fired him right there!

They will bill the xxxx out of you too!

I did confront Cincinnati "Chad" about the oral agreement and he asked if you could give me a retainer fee I can help you ! It was pulling teeth to get him to tell me it was an oral agreement , he did finally and sure he won't pull that *** move again .

Cordell and Cordell never once asked me my outcome and experience was with them but they sure do call about money or send bills in the mail. There your best friend until the money stops .

My ex was in contempt for moving out of residence and even out of state and got away with it , WE WERE NOT PREPARED!

Her boyfriend had made threatening calls and he never did a search on him nor subpoenaed him. .... Goes on and on .

One thing I can say when I hired chad he was with a different firm and once he went to Cordell Cordell got the big office ,view ,I think it went to his head. I should of looked into cordell before I moved on with him in his transition.

Anyway I can say ,very unprofessional , money hungry , don't care about the clients once the funds get low.

It's really has put a twist in my life , I never see my kids , family is trashed because we were not prepared . I think he needed to be more aggressive and not have a relationship with other lawyer talking about sports and all. I did receive and email via other lawyer that said " hey Chad welcome back to office , prob glad to be back etc. ... Yeah really just totally not professional !

Yeah don't hire , if your in Cincinnati stay away from them ! Maybe hire my x lawyer that would bring family member on drugs to testify against you , No backbone there , just cold.

Good luck !

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #800029

Um , total 80 ,ooo with borrowed money as we'll , fdidnt get off easy !

Festus, Missouri, United States #799993

AMEN! They are Not just Cincinnati Crooks they are in Missouri also.



All I have to say is your lucky! These guys are legalized crime in the United States!

This firm is about as useless as a used piece of toilet paper. They all have the system down, billing you for anything and everything they can and it wont stop! I hired an *** in Indiana by the name of Erik Carter of Cordell & Cordell!

This was the MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!

TOTALLY TOTALLY worthless at what he does!

My friend, you got off a *** OF A LOT CHEAPER than most that have hired this firm! TERRIBLE!

Count your blessings, as these guys will get it in the end!

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