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The office in charlotte, Kara (last name withheld) has taken over $8,000 and I have not received anything for her services. I receive a bill on a timely notice but no updates.

She receives notices and fails to follow my instructions on how to proceed in the case. She constantly tells me what I can't do without providing a plan that I can do. She was told to forward a letter to my wife’s lawyer with items from the house I am still missing and she never forward the email. Was told to request the evidence the wife has against me (never requested it) before we went to court.

They will drag their feet on following your request but do things you never ask them to do. Will not pick up the phone when I call and will not return the call in a timely manner. Always round up to the next 15 minutes. Do not use this law firm, very good at telling you what you what to hear in the beginning but will not follow up with action.

After going through the first $3500, it went into litigation and she stated I had to maintain a balance of $5,000 which they find fees left and right to charge you. No email is short or to the point, all are extremely long and what needs to be done is lost. When on the phone every answer is very long and never really answers the question.

It is almost as if they are on the side of the wife, not the husband. Please learn from my mistake and do not use this firm.

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Charleston SC has one attorney. I will withhold the name as any one calling for an appointment will get her.

My son is in a divorce/custody battle , which they boast fighting for men's rights.This is why we chose them. Hired her in April. He does have temporary custody, but only because we did all of the foot work gathering affidavits. All she did was email, text, phone, and it would be the same thing multiple times over a few days.

She has stopped returning my sons calls this week, and a month ago she claimed she was ready to go back to court. I have spent over 25,000. and she has done nothing but make money for the company. I could go on ,but I do believe I am going to file a complaint wit the BBB, consumer advocates, and ask the bar to review my sons case.

Just a money hungry set up! I hope every one who feels as I do does the same.


This sounds very familiar - my son had a very similar experience and paid about $4,000 for nothing. The separation agreement that they put together (well that my son put together) didn't even have the correct name and address in it (some other person's name and address had not been removed from their "form").


Thirty days after leaving their practice they still have not forwarded emails from my wifes lawyer. After I told them I no longer needed their services they ran up charges depleting all the cash in my account.

Do not use this company. You will regret it.


More Cordell B.S.......Hope readers understand these lawyers are bottom of the barrel.......

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