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$30,000 and two years and CC fleased me and did absolutely nothing to help me.I was there personal ATM.

I cashed in life policies, borrowed money from relatives, and used every dime I had to keep up paying them for services.It's a shame they advertise how much they protect Fathers when all they do is bankrupt the father and leave them in worse shape case wise after they drop you for non payment.

Review about: Cordell And Cordell Legal Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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Congrats!You are now a Fraternity Brother that has been 'CORDELLED".....

Keep your chin up. Things get better, just takes time....... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Divorce is now a business and you hit it on the head, your just an ATM card....All divorce attorneys love to keep the divorce going on until you run out of money......

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