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Jason Bowman and his team are crooks. They lie and encourage you to go to trial, file *** motions and in the mean time rack up thousands of dollars in bills.

They have 0 symphany for any of there clients as well. They act like they care so much in the first meeting and then start billing you unnecessary. To the people of Louisville, trust me when I say this, don't use them. Do you research not only on them but other attorneys.

This firm truly do not care about men rights, they will lie and charge you thousand of dollars for no reason. I have since switch attorneys and every attorney who I spoke to in Louisville laughed at Cordell and the excessive billing they practice. They will purposely give you bad advice to keep the process going and then when you move on they will still keep billing you. The escrow money you give them you will never get back.

Dealing with them was truly one of the worst decisions of my life and one of the best decisions of my ex wife because she got everything. At the end of the day you pay an attorney for the hope they will at least give you good advice, Jason and his team won't do that.

Don't trust him, go somewhere else becuase if you don't you will regret it forever. I can't say enough bad things about this law firm.

Review about: Cordell And Cordell Attorney.

Monetary Loss: $42000.

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What a joke this firm is!!! They need to be called on the carpet....billing for time they said IN WRITING that they were out of billing for 3.

Be aware that these big boys are no better than our lying and cheating government!! PERIOD

to sickofcheaters Louisville, Kentucky, United States #752047

yep it just really sad, I wrote this article almost a year agto and I just hope Karma happens to bad people like Jason and his team.


DO NOT hire this firm. DO NOT!!

you will regret big time. I hired this lawyer firm and they made me believe that my case will cost me $3,500 and ended up paying over $12,000!!! and my case did not close or solve. Whoever wants to hear my case CONTACT ME before you hiring this firm, I will give you details on how they operate.

They are not good people that want to solve your problems, they are a money-hungry and cold firm. You will open your credit card account to them and they will withdraw your money. You will think that you hiring a lawyer but their "philosophy" is work in team basis, which actually means any lawyer in the firm can get in your case without your permission and charge you for something that you will not even know. The attorney you will hire in this firm, will have periodic conferences with other senior lawyers about your case with more pay-rate, needed or not, is a requirement, and you will see how translate this in your billing acct.

They will charge you with no remorse. COLD, MONEY HUNGRY, NO HUMAN APPROACH TO YOUR CASE.. $$$$$$ IS WHAT THEY ARE FOR. That is my perception of these firm.

I thought that was only the attorneys in my city, however, after receiving the letters back to my complaints from their client care department, I can see that this is a firm strategy, that's how they operate as a firm, systematically will withdraw your money, Again, DO NOT HIRE THIS LAWYER FIRM. Very soon, after you hire this firm, you will have TWO problems, your legal case and your lawyers, and your stress level will duplicate as well.


These unethical lawyers not only cost the man, but also his former spouse. Fortunately, it costs the former spouse less, but a lot of money could be saved if other lawyers were hired and mediation could take place a lot faster!!!!!


Yep! Found the same to be true!

This organization is full of trashy low life representation lawyers.

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