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I had hired them because I used to live in Missouri and was planning on moving to South Florida and they had offices in both states, so it made sense since my wife (we have been separated for 3 years) still lives in MO and I figured it would be better. I was told $1875.00 retainer and since there are no children, no pensions, no property it should either be uncontested or she would ignore papers, Chris Lafrance told me it should not even exceed the amount of retainer.

(The retainer was so low, because I had to give them my Credit card # for them to auto deduct weekly) Well almost 2 months into it, $1100.00 spent (plus they still have my $1875) and all they got was a wrong address and status meetings galore, and filing fees. They gave me a new attorney Alison K. Morriss who charged me to "review new file" when I never asked for new attorney. I was charged for paperwork that was originally done wrong, because she never even checked the info in the file.

Numerous "status meetings" that I never approved of, nor was I ever told what they were about. I also left Alison a voice mail that she never returned (but charged me $34.00 to listen to ) so the next day I followed up with an email asking her the same question I had left on VM (she charged me another $34.oo for reading and replying to email) and another $30.00 for her assistant to email me their their billing techniques. I was fuming now, had Alison answered the voice mail I already left her, there would have been no need for a follow up email. This is when I got in touch with the Customer Care department.

Genny Hembrock (probably the only honest one there) set up a teleconference for myself, Chris LaFrance, and Alison Morriss. They tell me that the "status meetings" "file updates" etc were basically done because something had to be discussed regarding my case (I cant imagine what, since they never got or did anything except get a wrong address (another meeting they charged me for to discuss "upcoming deadlines" There was never any deadlines) ohhh and keep in mind EVERY Status meeting I was charged $34.00 (It was actually Alison Morriss charging me $19.00 for .10 hours and then her assistant Joan Porter $15.00 for her .10 hours) ok now lets get down to it. I asked Chris Lefrance on this teleconference, "I want 2 estimated prices on how much more money this will cost me under scenerio #1 : My wife ignores papers and we go to judge for him to grant based on default and scenerio #2: She actually signs them" Chris LaFrance 1st said "well its hard to give prices" I told him a GUESSTIMATE would do then Chris LaFrance said "Well we are basically at the finish line, we serve her the papers, figure we go to court twice, once to file and once to grant (I believe that was the 2 reasons) and each time in court maybe 15 minutes." (ohhh by the way I got my wifes address through my ex mother in law on my own, so now we know where to serve the papers) So here I am thinking OK almost done, I might as well *** the bullet and stay with them. THEN Genny Hembrock says to Chris LaFrance " well isnt there also travel expenses since this has to be filed in another county" Chris was like "oh ya well that too" THIS is when I almost threw my phone.

I am 4 HOURS AWAY FROM THEM... so over $3000 JUST IN TRAVEL... I am not a lawyer, I was never told about this, I assumed they would mail it in, or go to a judge in Tampa and have it taken care of there? I know nothing of the legal system.

Had they have told me up front. 1st) why tell me it shouldn't cost over the retainer amount. LIE and 2nd ) I dunno maybe a "hey buddy, we have to drive to your county to file these papers, maybe you should look for a lawyer thats not 4 HOURS AWAY... They are justifying this saying "well it does state in the paperwork you signed, you had to pay for any travel" I was not informed that the paperwork had to be filed in my county.

NO INTEGRITY, DISHONEST and I still have never found out what was said during these STATUS MEETINGS... ohhh an another thing they did was charged me $95.00 for a STATUS LETTER that said NOTHING... not a *** thing... other than what they answered in my $34.00 emails .

I cant believe all these complaints and they are still allowed to practice law...

always the innocent get hurt. If there is anyone that would like to contact me personally regarding this, please feel free to email me BUNPUPS @ aol.com (I am using my girlfriends name and email since I have not yet received my retainer back and pray that I get it all back.)

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it is a freaking shame how these guys are using and abusing their clients. DON'T EVER HIRE anyone from this law firm.

I have a friend trying to get a divorce and they have been telling him the same *** for the last 10 month, he has not moved one step forward but his account has been charged up the ying yang. He is a military soldier and they are taking all his little paycheck, every monday about $300. WTF.

And as of today 16JAN13 he is not any closer to his divorce than he was in APR12. CORDELL AND CORDELL YOU OUGHT TO BE A SHAMED AND I WILL MAKE SURE I POST THIS EVERYWHERE I CAN!


I have no personal dealings with Cordell and Cordell but their radio ads are simply the most "slimey" commercials I have ever heard. I have written to my local radio station explaining that whenever one of their ads runs, we turn our radios off because the effect of listening to their hate filled, nasty, vengeful, underhanded, vile, dishonorable tone is so severely unpleasant.

I am surprised that they are actually trying to cultivate such a negative, cruel and vicious reputation. I 'm sure it is a marketing strategy but in the possess they are disgusting the radio listener and giving an impression of complete lack of integrity.


well I finally "fired" them after they said they would work with me and I wrote a retraction here. However, they continued their unethical billing, and I never got anything.

I was told one thing, and they did another. They also did not give me all of my available options, probably so they could continue to keep the case going.

I have been informed by my new lawyer that their billing practices is not legal, however because of the amount of offices Cordell has, no lawyer would want to go up against them to sue them. Get out while you can Martin.


I have just went through the same conference call and I'm in the process of demanding a full refund. NOT HAPPY at all about the outcome of the conference and haven't gotten any closer to a resolution of my case OR THE BILL that has been padded through-out my case.

My process has been going on for more than 7 months and I'm no closer now than I was when I first started, My funds had been burned through the first 5 weeks, and my total is now up to over $9500 in reviews and paperwork (NO RESOLUTION). I will be taking this further than the client care department or to someone who has the authority to make a difference in this SCAM!



After posting this complaint a representative from Cordell and Cordell had replied for me to please contact her. I have contacted her and we have worked through all issues and Cordell and Cordell have been working with me and I have tried and tried to retract/ delete the original post but have been unable to do so.

Cordell and Cordell has went above and beyond to make me happy and we are moving forward together.


Wendy e, I am sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the service you received. I understand your concerns in this post, and would like the opportunity to bring these to a partner and see if we can resolve any issues. Please contact me at kesmar@cordelllaw.com.

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