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This Corporation knows about protecting Dads, absolutely nothing. Get a local attorney and ditch this Corporation.

How Cordell Cordell protects Dad is by telling Dads, 'take the deal, accept what is dished out, it could be worse'. This is what Cordell Cordell considers protecting Dads, you will lose and they will put this spin on and convince you that you got a good deal. I spent 40k (can provide the full bill to anyone who needs it) and settled out of court so I can be done with Cordell Cordell. My attorney was over allocated and there was no attention to details or even knowledge of what is important to me.

She was just doing her own thing. Because of her lack of attention to detail and knowledge of what is important to me, I lost 10g on the sale of a joint home where taxes on my home were deducted just from my proceed despite stating over and over again that taxes should come out from joint proceeds. Upon contacting Cordell Cordell to dispute such gross neglegence and request a formal dispute, no response was provided to start a formal dispute. Do not use this company for god sake.

As a Dad you deserve better and it is only a matter of time before someone sues this firm for falsely advertising the protecting of Dads, if this has not already happened. Run from this Corporation Dads

Review about: Cordell And Cordell Fathers' Rights Attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Gosport, England, United Kingdom #1268066

Before you post Cordell & Cordell are now after the divorce is final filing SLAP suits to further intimidate clients long after their clients run out of money in order to claim more money for this repulsive "law" firm. Bring it on I have a freedom of speech right - hey C&C - ever read the right of free speech in the American Constitution?!

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1263168

Yes, I used these idiots and am in year (6) of trying to clean up their mess. Cordell and Cordell spells RUN LIKE ***!

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