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Cordell And Cordell - Scam Artist they are not real attorneys 4 of 5 people found it helpful
These guys are abusive on their billing they pray on fathers who love their children and are willing to pay to get equal rights, tell us that they specialize on fathers rights .... bunch of baloney!!!! the law is same and the judge is more than 50% of the outcome. they will charge and OVER charge you with no mercy make you give them a credit card and with out a review they will stick it to you ... you will need you blood pressure pills...
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Oh boy - The attorney even claimed her client didn't have an email address!? she copies him on every legal filing that i get a copy of from my attorney. i do not think the judge will be happy that Ms Kimberley perjured herself on the record stating her client does not have an email when we have evidence she copies him on everything with his email address ` hey Ms Kimberly what is your out now having perjured ` or at minimum lied in court……… i...
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transcript Kimberley Lewellen lied to the court her client has no email address - blasted - every communication you sent to Petitioners counsel was copied to your client via hearing his email address - why in court are you telling judge your client has no email address - to perjure yourself?why? why lie about the current hearing for my friend? you people dragged out my best friends divorce for 3 years why? oh yes i get it he married a high...
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I got a referred to Cordell and Cordell at one of the legal offices at the military base the man there told me that this firm was for Dads. I had never heard of them so I went to the fayetteville office in Ga. I was told I would get a military discount and there were several other men in the office so I thought must be ok. I was told my initial payment would be to cover the entire case of 2500 dollars with the military discount. This was the...
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I didn't like
  • Bill padding
  • Unhelpful attorney
  • Services