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Advertised vs Delivered
Price Affordability
Value for money
Help them what have no money after the divorce. My son got taken to the cleaners and all the lawyer said after the mediation was "we can always go to court and fight this!' sure with what money. My son had to borrow money from me and I have a cc maxed out. He will probably never be able to repay me because there are weeks he cannot even eat due to lack of money. His ex continues to harass and belittle him constantly, one of the reasons he left...
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I didn't like
  • Billing
  • Billing cost
  • No help
Still have never heard from them and I emailed them over 3 weeks ago. Would pass on my questions to other attorney's I never dealt with. Extremely unhappy. They stole $500 additional from me after my divorce was final for something that should have taken 2 weeks and its been 5 months. Still waiting for a reply. They shouldnt be practicing law and claiming their there to help fathers or anyone for that matter. Completely disgusted with how this...
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In terms of billing you must watch them like a hawk, after mediation all of a sudden they said I did not pay an initial retainer of $2,500 dollars due to their billing departments errors. I could never get a complete accounting report. Nearing the end of mediation the Cordell & Cordell lawyer told me it would be a $10,000 retainer if we went to a court case. I was disabled and raising 2 kids, since the wife abandoned us to run off with a...
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My lawyer was Heather Ogier with the Ft. Worth, TX. Location. It took over 5 months and Cordell billed me for $18,000. Do not hire this firm or this lawyer. When you ask her a question it takes 5 emails before you can understand the answer. Heather assumed I understood how mediation would go but both she and I were not prepared for opposing counsel's arguments. I admit I wasnt thinking as clearly as i could have but she was of no help whatsoever.
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I was charged over $12000 and nothing was completed with my case, I had to wind up representing myself. My ex paid half of what I paid. There was double billing constantly, reviewing my case when it wasn't even necessary. I wound up representing myself and did better than my attorney. DO NOT HIRE THIS FIRM< THEY ARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY AND DOUBLE BILLING, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AS SO THEIR JOE CORDELL ADS PROMOTE. They had the audacity to...
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My experience with this company has been the same as other people.They rape and pillage you by the minute and do not get you any results. I spent roughly $14,000 on this firm and went to court twice for financials. And in the court room I found out that my lawyer and not submit my financials. Because of this the commissioner assumed I could afford 1,471.00 in alimony. I fired them and had to hire a new attorney and he informed me after looking...
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I didn't like
  • Terrible service
I filed for divorce almost 3 years ago. My husbands first attorney dropped him as she couldn't get through to him on reality. Then low and behold Cordell and Cordelk took up his case. 2 1/2 years in they are still battling. At $125,000 minimum for him now. Last week judge ruled in our favor - property and mortgage was community. His Cordell and Cordell attorney Kimberly Lewelken had the audacity to quote copying her client - total...
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