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To Whom it may concern,

I am seeking full sole legal physical custody of my son. This is my story.

You just hired Kumudha Kumarachandran Esq. She left her law firm because she stole government immuned sealed documents in 2015 without a Court Order and distributed them to third parties without the Court's consent. When I notified the Court about it she began repairing the damages and using illegal documents to win her cases. She is contempt of Court

To whom it may concern,

The way I lost custody was weird. I didn't testify, but Mr. Buckley testified, My witnesses didn't testify bust Mr. Buckley's witnesses testified, none of my evidence was given to the Judge but Mr. Buckley's false evidence was given to the Judge. I was told that if I didn't do what Mr. Buckley wanted, his lawyers would tell the Judge to take my daughter away and I will never see both of my children again yet daughter is not Mr. Buckley's child.

I am an innocent minority mother with limited income. I am trying to gain custody of my son who was removed from my home with threats by Attorney Nina Helwig in 2015 to current

Attorney Nina Helwig was appointed by Montgomery County Circuit Court in MD in 2015 to be my now six year old son Guardian ad Litem. Nina Helwig has failed to be on my minor sons side she instead teamed up with Angela Layne who works with the same court and Attorney Jennifer L. Feldman who took over case no. 95743 FL in 2015 from Attorney Kseniya Kuksova worked for the Hartel Kane Desantis law firm in 2014. Attorney Jennifer L Feldman worked for the same law firm for six months and left to work for the Montgomery County Circuit house in MD.

Thereafter, Attorney Kumudha Kumarachandran took over case no 95743FL and is currently working for the same law firm Jennifer L Feldman, Kseniya Kuksova worked for with the same stolen government sealed documents that had nothing to do with the current case yet minor child was not born and I didn't know the Defendant Mr. Buckley.

The Defendant Mr. Buckley is a 48 year old man who worked or works for Game Stop in Dundalk MD. Mr. Buckley and I have a six year old son between us. Mr. Buckley is married to 75 -year -old Phyllis Amos Harvey who couldn't bare him children so they plotted to steal my son and they accomplished it with the help of Attorney Nina Helwig and Attorney Kumudha Kumarachandran by blackmailing me to this very day.

Attorney Nina Helwig and Attorney Kumudha Kumarachandran have become best of friends. They lie to the court and blame me for everything the Defendant Mr. Buckley, his mother Jacqueline Buckley, and wife Phyllis Amos Harvey do and that is not fair.

Attorney Kumudha Kumarachandran just became a lawyer and the way she is accomplishing her awards must be taken seriously because she doesn't deserve any of them because she blackmails opposing parties. I have proof of that.

Attorney Nina Helwig, Kumudha Kumarachandran Esq and the Hartel Kane Desantis &Howie law firm began diagnosing me with issues I don't have to win this case and they are getting away with it because they have money to buy themselves out. They must all be disbarred

I have tried to have Attorney Nina Helwig removed from my case but she always has a way to have my motions Denied.

I see my son every other Sunday and the evidence I have collected is overwhelming.

Ms. Rachel Kavanagh the visitation supervisor has become friends with the Defendant Mr. Buckley and She calls my son names. She sides with the Defendant a lot putting my son at risk.

I want them to be disbarred and my son returned to me. I reported them to the bar and they reported me to the Judge on October 24, 2017 and they refused me to see my son. My son wants to come back home. My son always told me "mommy I cry for you everyday. I tell my daddy I want my mommy and I cry" They threaten my son all the time and my son tells me but these lawyers don't care about my son. All they care about is money while my son suffers. Kumudha Kumarachandran put an injunction on me not to file anything in Court without her permission or the Courts permission. This is Parental Alienation and is punishable by Court. No one is above the law. I know I am black and the father is white but that is not reason to punish my son, deny him medical care, deny him an education, they put my son on psychotic meds without a doctors order. I just want my son. I don't want child support. You can keep your $716 in child support which you used to take $200 every month for your gas and left my son with $516 which your client didn't fully pay. I have reciepts. Give me my black son. English is my second language. I am an American Citizen. Ask questions.

I miss my son very much. I wish I could hold my son again and anwer his question "Yes you are coming home to mommy's house" I want both of my child to be together.

Thank you for taking time to read my story.

Reason of review: blackmail.

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Please contact me immediately! Cordell and Cordell is helping my ex falsify documents.

They’ve received “returned to sender” mail and still claimed I was served when it was sent to the wrong address, claiming actions after that were in retaliation when I had no idea. They have never corrected court record to reflect their lies. This is how they are trained.

They need to be stopped. If you reply I will make a login and send you my number.

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