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Overcharge. Spent 8000.00 never seen a courtroom. They are crooks.. stay away DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. I would get a bill ever other day. Stating some work was performed but I never received any details on phone calls or tasks performed. If I called their office and was on line for 15 min I got charged the Lawyers fee even if I talked with administrative assistant at 30 min rate. They are only out to drain your bank... Read more

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We chose this company because they say they help men. Help them what have no money after the divorce. My son got taken to the cleaners and all the lawyer said after the mediation was "we can always go to court and fight this!' sure with what money. My son had to borrow money from me and I have a cc maxed out. He will probably never be able to repay me because there are weeks he cannot even eat due to lack of money. His ex continues to harass and... Read more

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6k for the divorse and then Charged me for something no one has ever looked into in the last 5 months... Took my money and haven't done a thing since the additional money. I have to always follow up, do all of the leg work, gave them information to be submitted that was never done. Still have never heard from them and I emailed them over 3 weeks ago. Would pass on my questions to other attorney's I never dealt with. Extremely unhappy. They stole... Read more

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Do not fall for Cordell and Cordell's "men's rights firm. Now they are preying on military men. They send very inexperienced lawyers to court and they charge $5000 a month and they stretch your case out as far as they can. Sincerely $30,000 in the hole and nothing to show for it

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Terrible. Terrible and corrupt. Didn't do anything except bill aggressively. Then dropped me mid mediation because I ran out of money when I was begging for financial relief. They did nothing. Did not produce anything they said they billed for. No review of the discovery documents. Lazy. Read more

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Yeah, it started out great. I could write a book about all the strategies we were going to trot out and how my cordell lawyer was just chomping at the bit to get my ex on the stand. All these fine points of law that was going to totally hem the other side in and we were going to at least get what was fair. I could write another book about how many time's I was charged for writing up these court documents or that proceeding or meetings to go over... Read more

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At first they seemed great, like they were going to solve all of my problems, but a little over a month in I was nowhere but almost bankrupt. They bill for every phone call or email. Even if they were to call me. If I responded to an email I was billed. I eventually stopped talking to them all together because they would bill for EVERYTHING. I got nowhere fast, and once the money ran out they stopped bothering with me. And im not talking a... Read more

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These guys are abusive on their billing they pray on fathers who love their children and are willing to pay to get equal rights, tell us that they specialize on fathers rights .... bunch of baloney!!!! the law is same and the judge is more than 50% of the outcome. they will charge and OVER charge you with no mercy make you give them a credit card and with out a review they will stick it to you ... you will need you blood pressure pills... Read more

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If you are the respondent in a divorce as I was, DO NOT let this firm file the QDRO's. NOT only did they sit on approved orders for 3 months, when they finally did send in the final signed copies they neglected to send certified by the court copies. So now it is going to be another *** 30 days after the receive the certified order to do anything. I am pissed. I am considering calling the Attorney General's Office, the Bar Association of Indiana... Read more

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My recommendation to anyone out there is to interview three or four attorneys before making a final decision. This firm is very expensive and talks a very good game but will empty your pockets very quickly. I haven't seen many positive responses towards any of their attorneys. This can be a very stressful situation as it is going through separation and/or divorce so I will stress to you emphatically to do your due diligence before hiring... Read more

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