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Short and sweet, run. Run away from this firm as fast as you can. ANY other lawyer/law firm would be better than this one. Incredibly deceptive, will overcharge and under represent you. Go ANYWHERE else. Add comment

Over charged and never got the case resolved. Only interested billing hours. Terrible follow up and high turn over. Charged about 10 times more than what should have been charged and never resolved the case and did a terrible job of returning calls. Never ever use them ever. Any lawyer in the yellow pages could do better. Charged my son $40,000 for a case that should have been a few thousand... Read more

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They ripped my son off and ran his bill to outrageous amounts for a child custody case. I’ve know people who got a divorce and settled child custody that only cost 12% of the amount they charged him. Murder cases could be tried for less and they refused to discuss anything all they were interested in was more billing. Never ever use these comment and rip-offs you would be better off calling... Read more

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What they are doing is fear mongering in their ads on TV and Radio. What I learned after being taken by them is the law is the law and you can't cater it to men. There was only one thing in the entire months of getting taken by them that was man specific, they threw me a book by the owner of what to do when getting a divorce and said "here read this" then never spoke again about making my case as... Read more

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The comment stating that "I was going to hire cordell&cordell,/inept legal representation..... I am not from, or living in, San Leandro, California. I am from Ogden, Utah. Read more

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I was seriously considering hiring cordell&cordell for the same reason as the rest of you had....their insanely misleading ads! With what I had read about all of the money taken from all you, it's a no brainer why they have no trouble affording nation wide offices and promotional ads. Sounds like c&c found a way to legalize ponzi sceams! Thank all of you for sharing your horror stories close... Read more

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Not very friendly or helpful. The lawyers sighed a lot and made it seem like they had better things to be doing than dig deep into the divorce. Add comment

I had the best intentions going into my case but only to find that Cordell and Cordell overcharged me and refused to correct the billing errors they made. Then they refused to provide me through service and intentionally chosen the most costly route and provided me no results. I couldn't even get my attorney to zealously defend me with ample evidence in my case. They will charge you doubly for... Read more

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I was referred to an attorney that is now working under Cordell and Cordell and I checked out the reviews of the attorney before going and they seemed decent. The big problem was the attorney had went to work under Cordell and Cordell in recent months and I did not research this firm until about a month into it and all the billing was piling up and the service was poor and without results. I... Read more

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Total worthless slime balls the world has ever seen. Once my divorce is final will give you the load down - obviously not representing me but my ex! But me and my attorney has had to deal with them - wasting away my sons college fund - and all C&C are doing are spending the *** ex potential settlement. Unscrupulous lawyers at their finest! Representing a guy that his social security record... Read more

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