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You get charged for everything. Don't email your attorney, it will cost you. I felt like I got subpar service. Never been arrested or accused of a crime, yet I had to attend "abuse counseling". Feel as though my wife won the day. All my issues did not get resolved, and my lawyer told me it was good that they didn't, because they didn't think I would like the outcome. What I had thought would be $2500 at the most is headed up to $6000. I... Read more

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yep here it is - “[My attorney] has phenomenal response time. She always gets back to me right away, even in the evenings. I am happy” S. Fannin can you believe it the "my attorney" still in there where the dumb *** needed to enter his attorney's name for the pro forma ad Cordell & Cordell provided. Cant wait for the attorney general to have these guys up!! And there are more I have printed off showing the my attorney blanks for the dumb *** to... Read more

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came across reviews Cordell & Cordell were obviously posting on their "own" behalf! printed it off to share. They posted a template ` obviously their internet guru will be fired! but what was posted pro forma reviews for their attorneys - but attorney name was left as an insert - will share of course as I printed it off to show they are placing pro forma their own recommendations - unbelievable!they had a recommendation template with attorneys... Read more

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Hiring Cordell and Cordell was the worst decision I could have made. Like others,I experienced the ghost billing and price gouging. I also had the worst experience of my life dealing with their incompetence. I would never recommend them, and honestly the BBB should investigate them for fraud. Add comment

In terms of billing you must watch them like a hawk, after mediation all of a sudden they said I did not pay an initial retainer of $2,500 dollars due to their billing departments errors. I could never get a complete accounting report. Nearing the end of mediation the Cordell & Cordell lawyer told me it would be a $10,000 retainer if we went to a court case. I was disabled and raising 2 kids, since the wife abandoned us to run off with a... Read more

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Tried getting information from my file I paid $4800 for. I'm being ignored. Going to state bar. Add comment

My lawyer was Heather Ogier with the Ft. Worth, TX. Location. It took over 5 months and Cordell billed me for $18,000. Do not hire this firm or this lawyer. When you ask her a question it takes 5 emails before you can understand the answer. Heather assumed I understood how mediation would go but both she and I were not prepared for opposing counsel's arguments. I admit I wasnt thinking as clearly as i could have but she was of no help... Read more

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What a joke. Had a consul with Marybell cruz in San Antonio tx.she was 20 min late, she wouldn't let me ask questions or talk she was very very rude and inconsiderate. Didn't care at all about what I am going through. Worst waste of time and money in my life.fathers rights? Yeah right.for the sake of your case do not go to this firm! Read more

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Had a consul with marybell Cruz.the lady wouldn't even let me talk or ask questions. Tried to walk out and she begged me to stay 10 more minutes.I did and realized after She only wanted me to stay so she could get the 85$ consul fee.what a ripoff.considering what I'm going through you would think they would have a little bit of compassion. Being a father you would think they would have my back.yeah right. Read more

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I was charged over $12000 and nothing was completed with my case, I had to wind up representing myself. My ex paid half of what I paid. There was double billing constantly, reviewing my case when it wasn't even necessary. I wound up representing myself and did better than my attorney. DO NOT HIRE THIS FIRM< THEY ARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY AND DOUBLE BILLING, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AS SO THEIR JOE CORDELL ADS PROMOTE. They had the audacity to... Read more

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