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My lawyer was Heather Ogier with the Ft. Worth, TX. Location. It took over 5 months and Cordell billed me for $18,000. Do not hire this firm or this lawyer. When you ask her a question it takes 5 emails before you can understand the answer. Heather assumed I understood how mediation would go but both she and I were not prepared for opposing counsel's arguments. I admit I wasnt thinking as clearly as i could have but she was of no help whatsoever. I had told her what my objectives were in a meeting prior to mediation but she never even tried to... Read more

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What a joke. Had a consul with Marybell cruz in San Antonio tx.she was 20 min late, she wouldn't let me ask questions or talk she was very very rude and inconsiderate. Didn't care at all about what I am going through. Worst waste of time and money in my life.fathers rights? Yeah right.for the sake of your case do not go to this firm! Read more

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Had a consul with marybell Cruz.the lady wouldn't even let me talk or ask questions. Tried to walk out and she begged me to stay 10 more minutes.I did and realized after She only wanted me to stay so she could get the 85$ consul fee.what a ripoff.considering what I'm going through you would think they would have a little bit of compassion. Being a father you would think they would have my back.yeah right. Read more

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I was charged over $12000 and nothing was completed with my case, I had to wind up representing myself. My ex paid half of what I paid. There was double billing constantly, reviewing my case when it wasn't even necessary. I wound up representing myself and did better than my attorney. DO NOT HIRE THIS FIRM< THEY ARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY AND DOUBLE BILLING, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AS SO THEIR JOE CORDELL ADS PROMOTE. They had the audacity to have another attorney call me from another state, did not even speak to me about my case and than... Read more

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My experience with this company has been the same as other people. They rape and pillage you by the minute and do not get you any results. I spent roughly $14,000 on this firm and went to court twice for financials. And in the court room I found out that my lawyer and not submit my financials. Because of this the commissioner assumed I could afford 1,471.00 in alimony. I fired them and had to hire a new attorney and he informed me after looking at my case they had never submitted my financials. So when he submitted my financials the... Read more

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They charged $5000 and never got a court date in 110 days. Worst ever. Hired new attorney 14 days we are getting things done. Email me if u need more info bc *** Cordell and Cordell is so crooked BBB won't take complaints vs attorneys and state bar of Texas thinks there doing a good job. Read more

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Oh boy - The attorney even claimed her client didn't have an email address!? she copies him on every legal filing that i get a copy of from my attorney. i do not think the judge will be happy that Ms Kimberley perjured herself on the record stating her client does not have an email when we have evidence she copies him on everything with his email address ` hey Ms Kimberly what is your out now having perjured ` or at minimum lied in court……… i would you suggest you think wisely fathers before hiring the McDonalds of fathers attorneys in the US... Read more

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transcript Kimberley Lewellen lied to the court her client has no email address - blasted - every communication you sent to Petitioners counsel was copied to your client via hearing his email address - why in court are you telling judge your client has no email address - to perjure yourself? why? why lie about the current hearing for my friend? you people dragged out my best friends divorce for 3 years why? oh yes i get it he married a high earner so you can continue to rape her like you are now doing. can't wait to expose his social security... Read more

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This is the worst company ever. I am a 100 percent disabled veteran of the gulf war. I got a referred to Cordell and Cordell at one of the legal offices at the military base the man there told me that this firm was for Dads. I had never heard of them so I went to the fayetteville office in Ga. I was told I would get a military discount and there were several other men in the office so I thought must be ok. I was told my initial payment would be to cover the entire case of 2500 dollars with the military discount. This was the start of lies. I... Read more

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i agree go for it. my money wasn't as much as yours but yes i would join a class action lawsuit on these bottom feeders yes JOE get some more walnuts in for your cereal on tube to show how healthy you live while in the background totally destroying children's lives go for it Joe happy to see you eating your nuts on tube while having no nuts in the court system really?! i agree with the posting the 99% of america are tired of the bull *** and finally your mcdonalds of law firms is being taken on. remember the little woman in the California... Read more

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